This extravagantly colorful picture book is perfect for story time whether at home, school, or church. With all of its excitement, it will bring children comfort and peace knowing they are never alone and that Big Good God is with them everywhere and in any situation from playing at the park to being lost in a crowd. It’s fun filled settings express these concepts in a meaningful and simple ways that young children under five will comprehend.

In this simple text with explosive full color illustrations, read how Little Busy Izzy rockets down the slide at the park. Cry with her as Big Good God comforts her when she falls and skins her knee. This adventure has highs and lows but Big Good God is ALWAYS with Little Busy Izzy so she can feel safe and loved every setting and in every situation.
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Big Good God & Little Busy Izzy – ALWAYS, was inspired by the Bible passage Psalms 139. It proclaims how God created us and knows us before we are even born; how we can never be out of his grasp or away from His loving care. It celebrates God’s personal feelings for an individual child making them feel safe, loved and valued from a very young age. It communicates that the Big Good God of the universe loves each child personally, passionately, and continually.

The author, Tiffany Lobo, and the real Little Busy Izzy.
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About the Author

Who is Little Busy Izzy? Ask her Mommy, Tiffany Lobo, who wrote this book for her daughter Isabella. Tiffany and her husband Zemanel, struggled through eleven years of infertility before adopting Izzy in 2008, bringing them into the happiest time of their lives. Tiffany’s gift for creativity along with her Commercial & Graphic Arts degree helped her to write this unique and special book capturing the heart of God, expressing his goodness and love to show Izzy and all of God’s children how much He loves them and will ALWAYS be with them.

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Only $10.99 each.
Your purchase proceeds go to giving this uplifting book to children who may not know God or would not be able to afford this special message.
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